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Creative Learning Center (Los Altos, CA)

A Non Public School servicing children Pre-K through 12th grade with autism spectrum disorder and other similar neurological disabilities. The CLC success-based programs include Summer Camps, social skills development groups, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy services, ABA eligibility assessments, along with in-home & clinic ABA services.

The SCERTS model, FloorTime and relationship development techniques are utilized throughout the school with customized, individual learning goals & opportunities for inclusion. 

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Foothill Preschools (California & Colorado)

Foothill Preschools programs are designed for children aged 2 through Kindergarten and maintains a teacher/student ratio of 1 to 6. 

Although the preschool services typical children, some high-functioning children with autism are included into the program. After-school programs and ABA services with a small group and/or one to one focus, are also provided. Summer camps are also available.

Foothill Preschool offers a balanced play based and academic program that provides language arts and mathematic centers as well as dramatic play, music, recreation, cooking, art, and science activities. 

The academics are designed to focus on kindergarten readiness and are administered in a fun, creative and well- rounded program.

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Autism Diagnostics & Consulting Center Inc

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